Verrines et Petits Gâteaux-


The volume "Verrines et Petits Gâteaux-" is one of the valuable fruits of the collaboration between Stéphane Glacier and Gaëtan Paris, both holders of the title Meilleur Ouvrier ai de France. The second volume of "Tentation Gourmandes" 244 pages where we find over 50 recipes. The first part of the book deals with one of the trends in the field: verinele and the importance of their confectionery, we presented a series of original and appealing recipes. It also includes different volume of miniprăjituri and cakes recipes to suit all tastes, in modern classics, as well. One of the chapters of the "Petits Gâteaux Verrines-et" is dedicated to the decoration of chocolate, followed by basic recipes for countertops and creams, as well as a glossary of terms used usually in a laboratory professional. Drafted in both French and English, "Verrines et Petits Gâteaux-" a valuable acquisition for every professional in the field.

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