Locavore Salées


In the year 2006, "Locavore Salées" is the first volume of the series "Tentations Gourmandes" signed by Stéphane Glacier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier in 2000, and Gaëtan Meilleur Ouvrier de Paris France Boulanger in 1997. Written both in French and in English, the book mostly intended for professionals who want to create or develop a product range type take-away, but is addressed and those who want to enjoy a delicious. In the 258 pages, more than 100 recipes divided into two chapters: the first e sendvișurilor, and devoted the second find salted pastries. Both are made up of several subsections, the first being dedicated to the most important ingredient of a sendviș: the bread. In the first part we find plenty of recipes for sendvișuri-from the original club, tortillas or toast at polar and tartină-, the second includes recipes for Tarts, quiches, pies, flaky Doughs, au gratin dishes, savoury tarts, pancakes, as well as salads, and in the end are basic recipes for the dough, sauce, dressing, mayonnaise, vinegretă. The authors come up with ingenious ideas and to diversify the menu of savory, whether it's flaky doughs or doughs.

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