“Stéphane Glacier” School is named after its founder, the most titled and appreciated French chef, author of many culinary arts volumes, witch are reference works for confectioners and bakers from all over the world, as well as for those who want to learn the secrets of this beautiful art.

Stéphane Glacier had a rich career, in which won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier title and the World Cup Pastry Championship in 2006 as coach of the French team.

To share his passion for confectionery and pastry, as well as his professional experience as a trainer, he opened in 2002 the training company „Glacier Formation et Conseil“. In 2008, he opened his own boutique „Pâtisseries et Gourmandises“ in Colombes, followed in 2011 by the pastry school with the same name in Paris.

Succesul școlii din Paris a atras deschiderea Școlii „Stéphane
Glacier“ din București în ianuarie 2015. Cursurile se adresează deopotrivă persoanelor care doresc să se formeze ca
patiseri, cofetari și ciocolatieri, precum și celor care lucrează deja în domeniu.

The success of the school in Paris attracted the opening of the „Stéphane Glacier“ School in Bucharest in January 2015. The trainings are aimed at those who want to form as bakers, confectioners and chocolatiers and those who are already work in pastry.

To offer quality courses where can be learned the professional work techniques, „Stéphane Glacier“ School chose to collaborate with famous international chefs, who come to Romania to support short or long-term courses.

The trainings unfold in the teacher origin’s language and the students receive translation in Romanian. They will make cakes, cakes and decors at a professional level. The ingredients are basic materials, which do not include premixes.